The structure of Krishna Valley


Radha Krisna das

He is the GBC secretary for Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus and co-secretary for Greece, North Macedonia and Israel.


H.H. Sivarama Swami:

The leader of the Hungarian yatra. He is an initiating spiritual master in ISKCON. He is the author of many books amongst which the most well known are the Krsna in Vrindavana and the Nava-vraja Mahima series. For his daily podcasts please visit:

Leadership of Krishna-valley

Sripati das ([email protected])

President of Krishna-valley

Krishna Valley is managed by different departments and each area has an overseer. The temple president and the directors decide together upon important questions related to the functioning of the departments and lives of the community, in accordance with the teachings of H.D.G. Srila Prabhupada and the guidance of the local GBC.   

The directors and their responsibilites are the following:

Premamoya das ([email protected])

  • Eco-valley
  • Syama Handmade
  • book publishing
  • trademark

Sankirtana das ([email protected])

  • building
  • maintenance

Radhakanta das ([email protected])

  • goshala
  • garden (vegetable, fruit)
  • apiary
  • kitchen
  • local manufacture

Nrisimha Prana das ([email protected])

  • temple

Kundalata devi dasi ([email protected])

  • tourism
  • shop
  • restaurant

Susila devi dasi ([email protected])

  • gurukula
  • nursery

Lilasuka das ([email protected])

  • bhakta-program 

Secretary of the Counsellor's Board: Syamajiu devi dasi  +36 30 600 1456 ([email protected])
Media - Nilamani Cakravarti devi dasi +36 30 530 6371 ([email protected])
Head pujari – Asta-sakhi devi dasi ([email protected])