Nitya-seva videos

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Radha-Syamasundara's installation in 2016, and since then there have been been quite a few changes in the Nitya-seva project:  our aim is to collect all the necessary funds needed to secure Radha-Syama's future worship by 2021, Their 25th "birthday". To keep Radha-Syama constantly in our thoughts during this 5 year period, we started to record Nitya-seva videos as a means by which we can always remember Them and for future prosperity. In these videos you can get a glimpse into the daily services of Radha-Syamasundara: what happens in Their own realm, in the pujari room and on Their altar! You can experience up close such special features that only Their personal servants can see.

There are other videos too where devotees speak about their personal experiences with Radha-Syama: not only those who live here, but those devotees who also serve Them living elsewhere! They are not just the worshipable Deities of New Vraja-dhama or the Hungarian devotees, Their mercy goes far beyond the barriers of time and space. Plus we try to keep you updated about the developments of the Nitya-seva project. So if you would like to see exclusive shoots, get to know Radha-Syama more and get an insight into how They reciprocate with different devotees, or if you're just interested in how the Nitya-seva project is developing, you can watch the videos from the link here!  All videos are either in English or with English subtitles (Sivarama Svami's videos are in both languages - search for the ones with English titles!)

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